Unable to run/debug on Linux (Mint) with 11.1.3

I hope this isn't a repeat, but I didn't see anything in the active discussions about it...

I just went back to Linux after a few months with Windows (I really hate Microsquat Crapware) and installed a new version of IntelliJ.
Everything seemed to be OK at first, I was able to get the right version of Java installed and in the settings, under Compiler it says "Target 1.6"...
I can code, all the features seem to work, up to the time I decide to compile and run my programs.
Then all I get is what appears to be a "hang"...
The Debug window opens, it says "Instantiating" and it will stay that way for hours. Nothing else happens.
When I click "stop" I get the following, "Process finished with exit code 255"...
But that doesn't help, it seems to be inocuous.
At the bottom, in the status bar, it says "Compilation: all files are up to date" and it does the counting (Moments Ago) to (2 Hours Ago)

I am not sure what other information you will need to help me with this, but anything you have would be very much appreciated.

Just wondering if it might be a permissions issue? Problem accessing certificates? (I added them to the Java Keystore, does IntelliJ have a Keystore?)
Or something else?

Thanks In Advance!

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actually I'm using Linux Mint myself but there is a little trick I had to do:
1) Go to <IDEA_HOME>/bin directory, there you can find libyjpagent-linux(64).so libraries.
2) Depending on the version you use, just make a link for one of these libraries. For example, for 64 bit linux:

ln -s libyjpagent-linux64.so libyjpagent.so

So eventually you must have a library (or a symbolic link) named "libyjpagent.so" under "bin" directory. I hope it helps!


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