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Imaging I have created a feature branch in GIT, let's call it "feature_branch". I have checked it out and started working in it. I made some commits and now want to
1. Pull changes from master
2. Rebase these new changes from master to feature_branch.

What I do is I press Ctrl+shift+A, type Branches. Open branches popup, navigate to master -> checkout.
Then I press Ctrl+T and update using rebase.
Then I need to rebase changes from feature_branch to master. I go to branches popup again, switch to feature_branch and check it out. Now I do not know how to rebase from master to feature_branch. I do it using command like, because Rebase IDEA dialog looks frightening: what is Onto? What is From? What should I type there?

So, could you help to figure out a better workflow without switching back and forth to checkout and pull and rebase? I am sure that with IDEA I can do this more easily. And please help me to understand Rebase dialog. IDEA help is useless regarding this dialog.

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Hello Sergei,

Unfortunately, currently there is no way to rebase one branch from another, except from this Rebase dialog that you've mentioned (and except "Update Project" with which you already are familiar, but it pulls via merge or rebase only from the tracked remote branch of the current branch).

We understand that the Rebase dialog is not very useful in its current implementation. We have a request to add a more user-friendly Rebase to the Branches menu:

Current Rebase dialog is actually nothing more than a graphical representation of command line parameters available for `git rebase`.
So all of the parameters are identical to what you can use in `git rebase`. For example, in "From" you specify branch as you do in CLI parameter "--from", same is true for "Onto" and other parameters.


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