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I have a grails app that I host on a remote linux host and access via sftp / ssh.  I set the remote host up and really only want to deploy my war file that gets built locally (in my grails 'target' dir) to remote Tomcat.  For some reason, Intellij Idea 11.1.3 keeps adding the plugins to this mappings tab and when I remove those, it keeps putting them back in.  The only thing I want to map is my war file to the remote Tomcat webapps directory.  Any idea what is going on here?  What's really annoying about these "plugin mappings" is that the project keeps showing me the warning icon telling me I need to complete the setup of these mappings.

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Which action in IDEA do you use to deploy the war file? If you start a run configuration which type of run configuration do you use?

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