IntelliJ project files in code repository.

I want to check-in the IntelliJ project files into the repository, so I can open the project on a new computer. Which files do I check in, and why is a project that I created on Mac OS-X(10.6) Snow Leopard not openning up in Mac OS-X(10.7) Lion?

Here are some details.

I've got three projects. All of them have the *.iml files and the .idea directories check into the code repository. They are checked in from Mac OS-X 10.6. On my now machine Mac OS-X 10.7 I've checked out everything including the *.iml files and the .idea directory. Yet, I cannot open the projects. The ONLY project that I can open is a .project and .classpath file. I assume these are Eclipe files which is ironic, since I don't use Eclipe.

I'm about to give in and create a new IntelliJ project on the new machine from scratch, but I'd prefer getting it from the repository.

Any help and suggestions is appreciationed.


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Checking in project files has always worked fine for me.
Do not check in the workspace.xml and tasks.xml as these contain user specific settings.
(But that should not cause any other problems than overwriting local toolwindow positions and other settings.)

On 29.08.2012 11:08, Alan Snyder wrote:> Yet, I cannot open the projects.

Please try to be more helpful: Just saying "It doesn't work. What's wrong?" won't give anybody much to work with.

What exactly _happens_ when you try to open one of the projects?
Which IDEA version exactly?
What are the paths of the .idea, *.iml files and your project root(s)?
You could also have a look of the contents of the .idea/modules.xml and the *.iml files to check if you notice anything fishy.


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