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First post here. All over the java community I just found nice words about Intellij IDEA, and it's just getting better and better (I compare with NetBeans and Eclipse everyday, at my colleagues workstations). One thing I missed today, though, is a way to get back to the variable that I hit with a "Create Field"-function. The cursor is moved to the new field with editing options, but after that it stays in top of the class, and I've got more fields that aren't defined yet.

I tried the Ctrl+Shift+Backspace "Navigate to last edit location" feature, but it seems to work only on keyboard edits that are made on the file, not macros or refactoring features.

Do you know a way to get back to where I was when firing such a feature in intellij idea?

Intellij IDEA 11.3.1 is my current ide version.

And thanks.

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CTRL+ALT+Left-Arrow will take you back to the last place your cursor was. (Also available on the toolbar Back.png and in the Navigate menu.) You can hit it multiple times to travel back through the stack of locations. CTRL+ALT+Right-Arrow (Forward.png) will move you forward.

Although not related to your current use case, (but as long as we are talking about navigation), I'll mention that you also have bookmarks available. Both quick numeric ones (1-9) and mnemonic ones (a-z). Take a look under Navigate > Bookmarks and in the help guide for more information.

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The shortcut that I looked for was given. Thanks a bunch!

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As a side note, I got confused by the "correct" and "helpful" terms of rating an answer. I planned on checking both helpful and correct, but it seems I should've chosen only one of them, and not started with helpful.

Sorry that you didnt' get your full 4 points, Mark.


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