Adding or removing pngs from raw directory breaks textures

Hello all,

For the second time since starting my project i have hit this frustrating issue:

If I add or remove png files from my raw or drawable resourse directory, the textures in my app break. I have tried all the common things like regen the R file, change somethingin one of the xml files, etc, but still some of the textures dont load in correctly. My app was running perfectly with all textures showing as they should, and then i added a correctly-named png file to the raw directory where all my other correctly-named png files are. now two of the textures show just white. the last time this happened i think i ended up rebuilding the whole project into a brand new one. This project is now much bigger and i want to avoid doing that if possible.. Anyone know why this happens and how to propery fix it and avoid it in the future?

thanks :)

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