I want the Editor Tabs could be sorted alphabetically,and so on.

so that, user can find the specified file easier.


Not exactly you want, but try EditorTree plugin. The main purpose of this plugin - is help to easy navigate with opened files.
CtrlShiftE with this plugin will show you tree of currently opened files and you can easy navigate and close not needed files.



Hi, Serge Baranow,

the tabreorder plugin is not perfect, seems that it only sorted the tabs in each tab-row, but not the all tabs.


hi Alexey Efimov ,

the EditorTree plugin is useful, but it is not my intended, such as the TabReorder is the exact what I wanted, but the TabReorder is not perfect, seems that the TabReoder can not reorder all the tabs but only reorder the tabs in each tab-row.


I would also like the ability to have the tabs ordered alphabetically, auto-magically. If I has a lot of files open it gets really difficult to find the file I am looking for by finding the correct tab. Making the tab order alphabetical would make that task much easier. I currntly use other things like apple-e and apple-n, which are acceptiable substitutes, but having the ability to alphabetize the tabs would be nice.


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