Keyboard/Focus problems with "export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit"


I really like those new 3d linux desktops (xgl, beryl...). But
unfortunately Idea does not work out of the box with them: The window is

It is suggested to start Java applications with "AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit".
Then everything looks good and Idea is fully functional - except that
there are some problems with the keyboard focus.
If I search for useages and the try to cycle through the found
locations, the keyboard input is ignored. Even pressing "ESC" to get the
focus back to the editor doesn't work.

This behavious can be reproduced easily. Simply add set the environment
variable "AWT_TOOLKIT" to "MToolkit". It is not necessary to use that
3d stuff.

Does there exist any solution for the behaviour?

Johannes Schneider

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