"Unsatisfied dependency" warning when injecting Conversation into backing bean

public class BackingBean
    @Inject Conversation conversation;

    public BackingBean() {}


Why is Intellij giving me a warning: "Unsatisfied dependency: no bean matches the injection point."

The CTRL+F1 detail message is "Detect injection points that have ambiguous dependencies."

It compiles and deploys and seems to run fine on JBoss e.g. I'm able to conversation.begin(), conversation.end(), etc.

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was in my classpath, because the project compiled and ran fine after deployment.  It was just annoying to see the Intellij warning everywhere I injected Conversation.

I went to Project Structure --> Modules and selected my web module.  I noticed the CDI facet.  I clicked on the facet and noticed that neither of the two radio buttons were selected: Apache Open Web Beans or JBoss Weld.  I selected JBoss Weld.  Then, an error message appeared:

"The following libraries are missing: weld-api.jar, weld-core.jar, weld-logger.jar, weld-se.jar, weld-servlet-int.jar, weld-spi.jar, weld-tomcat-support.jar, weld-wicket.jar"

I clicked the "Fix" button.  A dialog opened, "Setup Library."  I had a choice: Use Library or Download.

I chose Download.

Intellij downloaded the eight jar files and installed them in my $PROJECT_HOME/lib directory.

Now, I don't receive any warnings when I inject Conversation.

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