KeyMap question -- how to select drop-down member function? (SOLVED)

Somehow my KeyMap was smurfed and I cannot tell what entry in the keymap causes it so that when the code-completion feature of the editor appears that you can cursor down to the desired function and press enter to cause it to be typed in full.

I have the key action "Enter" mapped to ENTER (of course).  But what is the name of the one that causes the presently highlighted action to be invoked?

As a feature suggestion, being able to diff two keymaps would be helpful in such a case.

edit:  it appears as though possibly I cannot use Enter both to provide that editor action (placing a newline in the text) as well as selecting from this list.  Is this so?  The fact that the list is open seems like a pretty strong modality to me.  I thought I had this working as I am trying to make it do now!

edit2:  I have figured it out ... I can tell the pop-up box that I wish to keep the "conflicting" enter key mapping in place.  I think this will restore the modal behavior I wanted (as in the Mac OS 10.5+ sample)


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