Ruby plugin: "Error running <ruby script>: No SDK specified"

Hi,  I created an empty project and put one ruby script in there.  It parses cleanly. But when attempting to 'run' it, I get the above error.  

Where are the ruby settings anyways?

I am using the v latest idea ultimate 11.1.3 .   


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If your module is a Java module, you need to create a Ruby facet for it and specify the SDK in the facet settings.

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Hi Dmitry,

Why can't I just create an empty project and put a ruby script in there? There is no way to view/set ruby settings.  This does not work it's a bug.

But OK it's a bug, what's the workaround?

I tried by creating a ruby module.  But .. where is the module?  I can't see it in the project explorer.

So .. now what ..

Do I need to create a Java module to edit a Ruby script??

I have attached screenshot of the project, i'd be happy if you can point out what I am supposed to do to simply edit/run a ruby script.  Does not seem straightforward.


Screenshot-general - [-shared-src-general] - [general] - ...-parse.rb - IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.3.png
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In order to be able to specify the Ruby settings for a project, you need it to contain at least one module; you can either use a Ruby module or a Java module. In a Ruby module, the Ruby SDK is selected as one of the steps when creating a module. In a Java module, you need to create a Ruby facet in Settings | Project Structure and specify the SDK in the facet settings.

Unfortunately the screenshot you've attached doesn't show the settings that you used when creating your Ruby module, so I have no way to tell you where it is.

I don't see any bug in what you've described so far.


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