Hot swap issues with IntelliJ 9

While stepping and debugging IntelliJ 9 and Weblogic 12 are working well together.

However when I make some code changes and hit a Ctrl+F9, I'm seeing varying behavior.

Sometimes the compilation and loading of classes takes place and reports that there aren't any changed classes.

Sometimes all 7000+ classes in my application are compiled and reloaded. This whole process takes almost 4-5 minutes. In this case, the hot swap seems successful, but I'm questioning whether all the classes needed to be reloaded.

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So I tried the same combination on a "pure" Oracle Linux installation. As well as on Ubuntu. There are no issues in Idea 9 reloading changed classes and executing changed code.

It doesn't seem to work in my "Oracle Linux in VirtualBox" environment.

If we ignore that I'm using Weblogic 12, is there any setting or debug information I should be looking for an issue where hot swap doesn't seem to work?

Even with no code changes, when I hit Ctrl+F9, Idea 9 seems to start recompiling the whole project, whereas it should be saying "Nothing to compile".

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I am seeing the same issue with JBoss 5 too.

This has got to be something in my VirtualBox environment or IntelliJ 9 settings.

Does anybody have any remedies or suggestions?

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Blew off ~/.IntelliJ90 and started over.

This seems to fix the problem for now.

But I'm seeing a new issue. Sometimes after a reload of changed classes, the next time the web application is accessed, it shuts down and attempts to automatically redeploy. That restart fails.

I had seen this "automatic restart upon recompile" behavior in IntelliJ 8 and this is the first time I'm seeing it in IntelliJ 9. (

So it seems I have exchanged one problem for another :_|


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