Confusion how IntelliJ configures our persistence unit in complex Maven project

Refer to the image below. The top row is our actual persistence unit. I'm not exactly sure what all the other rows represent. We have approximately 30 Maven modules and there is a lot of spring context file importing but I'm confused by the representation below and how to fix it. I have no idea what each of the Spring persistence units represent or how to track it back to the acutal file being referenced. When I try to run the HQL console against our persistence unit it always fails with an annotation processor error (java.lang.RuntimeException: org.hibernate.AnnotationException) but we use XML mapping files, not annotations so I'm not sure what is wrong with the setup. The datasource is configured and assigned so hoping somebody can help me resolve this so I can test queries from the IDE.

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Okay, a follow-up that I did manage to get the console working. We had an orm.xml file in addition to individual mapping files and that appears to have messed up the console. I'm still wondering about all the Spring persistence units but that is more an annoynace than anything else.


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