What do you mean I have to wait? I got 80 cores under the hood!

For you Jetbrainers that need extra motivation to support 100% tasks runnable in background and also dividing jobs into smaller chunks so our dual-core and quad-core (coming this winter) workstations can chew through a long task at double or quadruple speed, this article is for you!

Intel says they are are pledging to have an 80 core chip in 5 years. Seems ridiculous now, but II don't think many people were thinking about quad cores and it's almost here.

"Intel pledges 80 cores in five years"

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That's 80 floating point cores. Not general processing cores.

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well, with intel's kentsfield and clovertown quad cores coming to town, I'll have at least 8 real cores(dual chip mac ;o). I think the point still stands.

Does anyone know if javac will take better advantage of multiple cores?


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