ant-contrib:for false positive for sequential tag and content


There was a similar issue where the "for" tag itself was tagged as an error in the ant editor.  This is not the case.  Once the taskdef is in place the "for" tag is accepted by the editor.  My problem is that (in IntelliJ v11.1) the enclosed tags are treated as errors by the editor (i.e., marked in red).  So, for example:

    <path id="ant-contrib.lib">
        <pathelement location="${user.ant.lib.dir}/ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar"/>

    <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml" classpathref="ant-contrib.lib"/>

    <target name="iterative-target">
        <ac:for param="counter" end="10" begin="1">
                <echo message="counter = @{counter}"/>

In the ant editor, "sequential" (Cannot resolve symbol "sequential") and "echo" ("echo" not allowed here) are tagged as errors, i.e., the text is in red.  If I attempt to execute the target either from within IntelliJ or from the command line using good old ant, it will succeed.  If I remove the "sequential" tags, then the error tag is removed, but then the target is broken.

So what gives?
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Thanks for the pointer to IDEA-59693.  I added my particular issue to the report along with another issue:  the ignore error facility is not available to me (using IntelliJ v11.1.2, #IU-117.418).  As I mentioned in the report, I suppose I and my associates could live with the error until a fix rolls out some happy day, but we cannot activate the ignore facility.

Any suggestions?

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Ignoring Ant-specific errors is not supported yet. There is about that, focused on properties. I've not found one more for unrecognized tasks, it may be created.

Ignore action, however, is available for not recognized or not fetched resource referred from xmlns attribute.



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