Setting up IntelliJ for odd project structure

I've inherited an old project with a odd structure and i'm having trouble getting it to "work" with IntelliJ.   It was done on Eclipse and is built with Ant.

The directory structure for the source folder looks something like this:

     |_Alpha (folder)
     |_Bravo (folder)
     |_Charlie (folder)

Inside the all the folders are the java files

     | has a package named com.something.Alpha as does

If the class Foo referres to class Bar then IntelliJ is not picking this up.  It is not recognizing the classes in the same package that are in the folder.  It wants to add the entire path when referencing the other class and it still will not pick it up.  The project compiles just fine with Ant but the IDE is not able to do the builds on the fly or recognize the structure.

Without changing the structure of the project, is there a setting or way of importing the old project into IntelliJ to make it work with this structure?

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You need to set 'com.something' as a package prefix for 'Source' folder (see

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