IntelliJ 11.1.2 TestNG

So I installed the newest version of Intellij on my windows machine and when I go to run my suite file, I get No Test Results and on the right of the run dialog I am getting starting. I run Intellij on my Mac without any issues. Not sure if this is a testng issue or an intellij issue. I did get the warning about copying testng to the lib folder and I did so. I restarted intellij and still same results. Thanks


Hi John,

have you created the new project on your windows machine, or use the existing one (got from the version control)? Please check the TestNG run configuration you use - does it reference the correct suite? Are all the options correct?

Also please check whether there are some exceptions in idea.log file.

You can also perform some extra test: create the new dummy suite in you project for any test and try to run it.


This is coming from an existing project in version control. I checked the config and it is pointing to my suite file. The parameters appear to be set to a default setting. I am not seeing anything in the logs. Thanks


is it possible to view your project files and the suite file also?


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