I Can't deploy an EAR with IntelliJ 11 and Glassfish 3.1

I have an EAR application, built with Maven. there is an EJB and a WAR module inside.
I can deploy my EAR using the glassifh console, but I can('t do it from IntelliJ using a Glassfish configuration.

The message is  :
Error copying '/Users/Nicolas/Documents/GitProjects/docdoku-plm/docdoku-server/docdoku-server-web/target/docdoku-server-web/apps/lib/javaee.jar' to '/Users/Nicolas/Documents/GitProjects/docdoku-plm/docdoku-server/docdoku-server-ear/target/docdoku-server-ear/docdoku-server-web.war/apps/lib/javaee.jar'.: /Users/Nicolas/Documents/GitProjects/docdoku-plm/docdoku-server/docdoku-server-ear/target/docdoku-server-ear/docdoku-server-web.war/apps/lib/javaee.jar (Not a directory)

This error is displayed for every jar in the WEB-INF/lib

It looks like intelliJ is trying to copy into the docdoku-server-web.war package, wich is obviously not a directory
Capture d’écran 2012-07-18 à 11.15.37.png
Do you have any idea ?
Thank you,

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IDEA *doesn't make any kind of copy operation on local deployment*, so it looks for me like error is reported not at the deployment step, but at the build step.

Since you've reported the successful deployment of the EAR with GF console, I can assume you were successful deploying the EAR built with
maven, than you have imported the maven project of EAR into IDEA and failed building it with IDEA.

So, the issue should be reproducable even if you don't start GF, but just try to build the EAR.
Please correct me, if I'm wrong.

If my assumption is correct, then most probably there was an issue on import of EAR maven project to IDEA, and you need to fix the artifact structure in the IDEA project.
I could help you further if you attach here screenshots of imported artifact(s) structures -- there should be several artifacts imported from maven project.

You may go to File -> Project structure -> Artifacts, than select each artifact and make screenshot.
Alternatively, you may just attach your IDEA project, or even just source maven project.



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