svn+ssh cannot commit, SmartSVN has no problem?

In my attempts to get an SVN repository going using SSH tunnels, I'm now stuck
trying unsuccessfully to import a sample module into svn.

Both IDEA and SSVN are using a svn+ssh://host/repo url. The user is configured
to be a user on the server hosting the repository. The ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
contains the public key of a private/public key pair (rsa). The key entry in the
file contains the command="..." prefix as described in the SVN book so the server
is running in tunnel mode and executed when the connection is established.

Both can establish connection and see the repository.

However, I cannot create remote directories or import using IDEA (EAP 5734),
but can using SSVN (2.0.7). The server is running SVN 1.4.0. The error I get is:
Can't create directory 'repo/db/transactions/3-1.txn' permission denied

Any idea why ?

I assume that both IDEA and SSVN use internal SSH clients - is this correct?
I have svn installed on my machine (WinXP Pro SP2) but it's not on the path so
it would not be accessible anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.



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