"Cannot debug web facet" error

I am using Intellij 9 with WebLogic 12(c).

I am able to deploy, run and debug my web application in WebLogic by using the run configurations in IntelliJ 9.

However, I keep seeing this warning in the run configuration itself:
Cannot debug Web facet 'web': debugging is off

Clicking "Fix" adds the following into weblogic.xml:

This is not valid according to the schema for weblogic.xml and the deployment therefore fails.

Upon searching the forums, I saw this thread that indicated that the error had been fixed in IntelliJ 9:

However, I am still encountering the issue. The Warning seems to disappear and reappear on its own, and I'm not sure what I'm doing to cause that.

If I ignore the Warning, everything works just fine, however, as the other thread's author had put it - it's an annoyance.

Any help will be appreciated.

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WebLogic 12 was released 2 year later than IDEA 9, so IDEA 9 is not expected to support WL 12 correctly.
Could you check if the issue is reproducible with the latest released IDEA 11.1.2? (you may download the trial).



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