configuration inspection for 'never assigned field' (by ioc annotations)

For several ioc-containers you inject objects by annotations, e.g. @Autowired or @Inject.

At this point idea moans about never assigned fields. I like this check, but is it possible to take several ioc-annotations into account inside inspection configuration?

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I am seeing this with CDI based injections.  I have a ServletFilter which injects a CDI bean. IDEA complains that 'Private field config is never assigned'. When I deploy the Servlet Filter and the bean class everything works fine. I am using IDEA 11.1.2 Ultimate Edition. The code looks like this:

public class MyFilter implements Filter {

    private Config config;    //IDEA complains here - interestingly it also added the little coffee bean icon denoting that it sees its an injected bean


    public void doFilter(...) {
       config.doSomething();   // works fine, no NPE so it is injected properly at runtime





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