How to set up a Cloud bees Git project in IntelliJ?


Are there any steps for creating an IntelliJ project from git using cloudbees? I've been given this URL for my repro: git clone ssh://<blahblah>/<repo>

I've put this in the Git Repository URL in the Clone Repository dialog but clicking the [Test] button gives me an error.

I have previously created an SSH key and have attached this to my Cloudbees account but where do I put the .pub file so IntelliJ can see it?
... Or is there a different or better way to do all this?

p.s. I am super new to Git and following some other internal instructions, I have already downloaded the repro's using command line tools but I think I'd rather scrap those previously created and do all this through IntelliJ... Is this a goood idea?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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