Buil;d 5661, configuring Junit 4 test suites

I posted this under an old thread, which I think was inapropriate.

I might be doing completely the wrong thing here but:

How do I configure intelliJ 6 (build 5661) to run Junit 4 style test suite e.g:

package com.zenulta.foundation;
import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
import org.junit.runners.Suite;

@Suite.SuiteClasses( { ZTimeTest.class })
public class TestAll {}

when I try to set up a configuration to run it i can't see the class in the drop down menu (presumably because it does not have a main method? Or is there a better way to do/configure test suites?

Also I had to add in the Junit 4 jar library to the module myself, is this correct or should the one that comes with intelliJ be available?

many thanks


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