Pin icon on one javascript function

I'm working in a javascript file with both object-literal and prototype-based constructs. One function on one object has a pin icon on the function in the stucture pane. What does this mean?

It appears to have to do with the actual code in the function. This is the real code: = function(handler)
    if (typeof handler === 'function')
        return handler.apply(this,, 1));

Removing all but the first argument to the apply() call removes the pin icon. Fas as I know, the original is valid syntax, and it does work, so I'm at a loss to understand what IDEA is trying to tell me, and I havne't found anything relevant in the docs.

I'm on 11.1, version 117.499, if that matters.

Thanks in advance,

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No ideas? Is anyone from JetBrains reading this?


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Hi Dave,

Sorry for delay, it's a bug indeed. Usually pin symbol denotes constant items.



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