Debugging java web application with secondary tomcat folder serving static content

I have a java web application which I can debug using IntelliJ through a local machine tomcat 7 configuration


I was hoping to be able to reference static content not part of the java application - installed locally at
. However, IntelliJ launches tomcat with only the java application available, the other application is not launched or serving the files.
Is there a way to configure intellij and/or tomcat so that either: - the
is also started when the /javaapp is launched so it may be accessed from /
javapp pages
- tomcat will always serve the static content from the /staticapp folder while running... the staticapp folder tree is not a real "web application", it only contains folders with

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You can copy /staticapp directory to /webapps and enable 'Deploy applications configured in Tomcat instance' option in the Tomcat run
configuration in IDEA. After that the resources from /staticapp should become accessible.

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