Sencha Touch 2 Workflow

Hi there,

I have IntelliJ up an running with PhoneGap. It does the builds and pushes the APKs to the phone allowing me to do some debugging in the LogCat.

Now I started to create my apps completly in Sencha Touch 2.
Sencha allows to do the creation of Apps with "sencha app build package/native". (creates a package or the complete APK)

Q1) How do I have to setup IntelliJ to have Sencha build a package and then IntelliJ push it to the phone and allow me to use LogCat?

Q2) How do I have to setup IntelliJ to debug Sencha on a phone in the browser and debug the JavaScript code in IntelliJ?

It would be great to get answers to both of the questions?

Best regards

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