Intellij does not recognize a large java file

It seems that Intellij cannot recognize/parse a class file that has too many lines of code.
I have a large web service stub class generated by Axis which has about 69K lines of code. I believe Axis has this "Feature" to encapsulate all classes generated from a wsdl in a single stub class file hence it gets huge.

In intellij I cannot reference this stub class or any sub classes/methods from any other code. No code completion.
Any reference to the stub class shows as a compile error in IJ viewer. If I were to do ctrl+shift+F9 (compile) that does not complain.
Any ideas how to deal with it? I currently have to use Eclipse for modifying the web service section of the code.

Also when this stub class shows up in the project explorer it shows up with a .java extension, other classes do not show the extension and the icon is different too.

I use Intellij 11.1.2, recently updated to latest build 117.418

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I found another blog which mentions setting property idea.max.intellisense.filesize in file in the bin folder to a higher value.
That solved it.

I could not find the problem with the keywords I was looking for, however when I posted my question, the jetbrains site suggested related issues. And bam, right there was another issue with the same problem.
very nice feature.


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