subversion changelists out of sync with changeset

Somehow in my project, the subversion changelists get out of sync with the IDEA changesets. I'm not really sure how this is happening and I don't manage changelists in subversion directly with any tool other than indirectly with the IDEA changeset feature. What I am seeing are extraneous changelists that exist in the svn working copy, yet the corresponding changesets in IDEA are either shelved or deleted. These are all changesets that I had once created in IDEA and have either been committed, deleted or shelved.

This is a poor user experience. When I make an edit to one of the files that may exist in these phantom changelists, a new IDEA changeset gets added corresponding to the phantom changelist, and the file goes into that changeset even though I have a different changeset active. I would have expected that the file I edited would be added to the active changeset. Because of this I have often inadvertently omitted files when I got to commit the active changeset.

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Irina Chernushina
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Hello Larry,

Thank you for reporting this.
We will try to reproduce it here.
What is the version of your working copy?
Are you sure that all shelves or commits leave files recorded in native Subversion lists?


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