Specifying that core.swc and other flex swc are not merged on pure AS3 compiles

It appears that intellij's mxmlc compiler configuration for pure AS3 modules is merging in flex classes form several flex swcs. I have no received confirmation on this, but I am presuming that this is no neccessary. I am presuming that the flash player supports embed's (mx.core.BitmapAsset, FontAsset, ByteArrayAsset) without the necessity of having these classes embeded in the swf.

I require removing theses swcs from compilation to enable working with the resuling swf with haxe.


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the list of swc files that are used for compilation for pure AS build configuration is shown on the Depndencies tab of the build configuration under Flex SDK node. By default for pure AS there are: playerglobal.swc, core.swc and 3 others. We plan to make this swc list editable (IDEA-82898), but unfortunately it is not ediable now. If you want to have only playerglobal.swc there please do following:
1. Configure the same Flex SDK once more at Project Structure | SDKs, give it a name like 'Flex SDK 4.6 pureAS'
2. Remove some or all SWCs from its Classpath tab except playerglobal.swc and airglobal.swc
3. Set this SDK for your build configuration.
Please write here if it helps to achieve your goal as the topic is interesting for us.

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It appears that embed requires core.swc at compilation and at runtime. If one wants to provide core.swc at runtime for whatever reason and use Intellij's compilation dialogs, one can add core.swc for each module and specify it as external. When compiling a swc, Intellij specifies all sdk swcs as external and when an application specifies the relevant flex swc for a pure as3 project as merged.


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