Did IDEA 11.1.1 -> 11.1.2 break iOS simulator debugging via ADL?

I was working fine in 11.1.1. I came back from a break and saw IDEA update to latest revision 11.1.2.

Now when I try to run my mobile debug configuration, I see the following:

C:\flex_sdk_4.6\bin\adl.exe -profile extendedMobileDevice -screensize iPad C:\Users\mscholz\game\game-app.xml C:\Users\mscholz\game\
[AIR Debug Launcher]: invalid profile specified 'Application does not support current profile'
[AIR Debug Launcher]: Process finished with exit code 10

Clearly not a clean upgrade. I'm not sure '-profile extendedMobileDevice' was even there before the download. What do you think I should do to repair?
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Choose any solution:
1. Remove 'supportedProfiles' tag from custom descriptor template (game-app.xml)
2. Add 'extendedMobileDevice' profile to custom descriptor template (see docs)
3. Set Flash run configuration for emulator to use generated app descriptor (generated one doesn't contain 'supportedProfiles' tag, though may miss any required custom properties)


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