Setting the '-extdir' param for Native Extensions and iOS?

Hi, I'm trying to set up this parameter for using an Air Native Extension as per this article:

It says to set "-extdir" but when I add that to the compiler options I get an error.  It seems like this should be set not for the Flash compiler for for the ADT compiler?  Can anyone advise on how this is done in Idea?



Try IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.2 EAP and follow these instructions. You don't need to set -extdir manually anywhere. Please tell if all works for you as the release is coming and we need to be sure that there are no problems with ANE.


Thanks, it compiles fine.  My next step is to see if the code in the ANE is working, but that fixed the compiler errors!


By the way IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.2 is officially released few hours ago.


This may not be an IntelliJ issue, but any idea why the is causing a compiler error?


public function onInvoke(e:InvokeEvent):void{
//code here


[Build - Main (module FacebookTest)] Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: InvokeEvent.

All the imports are nice and blue looking.


Please make sure that 'Build - Main' build configuration(BC) has Desktop or Mobile target platform.
If you have more than one BC per module then you can select which one to use for highlighting in the status bar. So it may be possible to have different BCs for current highlighting and for compilation.


Yes, I just got that figured out.  Thanks!

Ok, the app is working with IntelliJ.  It made it super easy!


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