CVS - Check Directory Status...

I'm using the Check Directory Status feature quite a bit currently (with
CVS), and I'm not sure if I've hit a bug or am missing something. In the
resultant tree view, I have nodes for "Changed on server", "Modified", "Will
be merged with conflicts" etc. Under the "Changed on server" node there is
a "Created" node, however the context menu for that node has almost every
option disabled (the exceptions being "Edit and watch" and "Browse changes",
although the entire "Edit and watch" submenu is also disabled).

All other nodes in the Check Directory Status view have context menus that
are enabled where I'd expect. I'm developing against the head across the
whole project as far as I'm aware, although perhaps there's some sticky data
or branch that's throwing things out? Any other ideas why that particular
context menu is all disabled or is this a bug?

I'm using build 5622.


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