Project file scanning in 5581 beta not so good.

Hi, just a quick coment regarding the latest beta (5581) it seems to be scanning the project files much more than the preivous eap version where.

The previous eap versions where much better than 5.x at scanning or so it seemed, but this version is right back to the 5.x level which was painful at least for me.

(Part of the problem is our build process generates a lot of source files and jar files which are loaded into the project directories when the ant build target is executed. I've tried to reduce this - I consider a bad practice, but I have not been able to reduce it completely).

I am using a MacBookPro 2 gigs of memory Mac OS x 1.4.7 java 1.5

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Yep, I'd agree with this.

I'll try and grab some CPU profiles the next time it's unbearably slow, since I've noticed that the inspection process seems to be slowing down typing in the latest EAP.

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With 5581 (not sure about earlier builds), I also am seeing some strange file synchronization behavior.

I run an Ant task that builds some jarfiles. After every Ant task complets, IDEA synchronizes.

Anyway, after the "jar" task completes, the dialog "Loading Files..." pops up and it says "Parsing files. Please wait...". I think see a bunch of java files being rescanned. But no java files were modified by the Ant task! Sometimes, And then it says "Building indexes".

Then, the "Loading Files..." dialog pops up again! It scans some more java files. I'm not sure if it rescanned the same java files or not.

If it matters, I have four modules in the Project. Two Java modules, A Web module, and an Applet.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.... Other existing issues:
1) Need option to not synchronization after Ant task executes.
2) The "Loading Files.." dialog should be changed to a non-blocking progess bar in the status bar like when you do "Find in Path.


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