No syntax highlighting for .story file in IntelliJ IDEA

I'm using IntelliJ 10.5.4 with easyb-X plugin and Groovy 1.8.6 on one  instance of the IDE where the syntax highlighting isn't working.  I  initially got it working on a different system where the syntax  highlighting was working.  When I disable the easyb plugin the syntax  highlighting works (i.e. it uses the Groovy language highlighting which I  believe it should).  Why is the easyb plugin overriding (and thereby  disabling) the syntax highlighting?  I'd like to be able to run the  easyb stories in the IDE and have the syntax highlighting... not one or the other.  Any ideas?

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If easyb-X plugin behaves incorrectly, the fastest way to notify the maintainer is to create a bug report in plugin's bugtracker
(found this link in IntelliJ IDEA plugin repository)


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