Move structurally on OSX?

CtrlShiftup (and down) on Windows is one of this little gem of a features that really make IntelliJ live up to it's "Develop with pleasure" tag line.

I've been swtiching back and forth a lot between Window and the Mac and I can't find the key bindings on OSX, for this feature.

I've tried Ctrl+Shift and every combination of Shift, Ctrl, Apple and Option I can think of without success.

Where is this gem hidden?

I can't even figure out what it's called in the KeyBinding configuration. I just VNC'd to my Windows machine to make sure the feature is still there; it is! In build 5594 (and other recent EAP builds)

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The key mapping is CMD-SHIFT-UP/DOWN
But it conflicting with the Editor Action Scroll Up/Down.
To resolve this,
1-go to Preferences/Keymap
2-copy Mac OS X mapping
3-go to Editor Actions/Scroll Up
4-remove the CMD-SHIFT-Up mapping, notice you still have the CMD-Up mapping. i think this is a bug
5-repeat 3 and 4 for down
6-there's no step 6


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