Whats the best practice for putting project files under source control?

We're working on a multi-module project, lots of libraries, lots of developers, also using Maven.
When we don't commit changes on the project files, just the POM files, anyone who updates from SVN gets errors and has to refresh Mavne libraries and make all the fixes locally. This is annoying and time consuming, especially when you have many developers.
We tried having all the iml and library files in SVN, but they keep changing (the lines move around) even when there is no real configuration change, which is also annoying and confusing.
I searched the web and found the same problems are shared by others, but there was no clear-cut solution.
So - what is the best practice you recommend?

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Changing order of lines without any actual changes to the project is considered a bug; you're welcome to report it to YouTrack.


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