exclude package in go to class/resources

Is there a way to include only certain package in the go to class/resources keymap action? Now you can filter by file type. But I need filter by package in the java file type as well.

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The search supports wild characters in the parameter text. For example, we have numerous modules that have logback.xml files contained in <module-name>/src/main/resource/logback.xml. If I want to filter to the one in the myapp-gui module, I can use either of the following search strings:

  • *g/s/m/r/log
  • *gui/*/*/resources/logback

Or any combination of such. Note that the second one would show me both the logback.xml file and the logback-test.xml file since it uses a wild character for the path that would match both src/main and src/test

Same concept applies for packages in the navigate to class dialog.

See http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/navigating-to-class-file-or-symbol-by-name.html for more info

AFAIK, there is not a way to do an exclusionary pattern.

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thx. If there are lots of similar names in the future, prob I will use macro to simplify further.


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