SSR and Coffeescript?

Been playing around with Structural Search and Replace in INTELLJ 11.1.1.

1. I've set the file type to Coffeescript.
2. Search pattern is ==
3. Replace pattern is (literal) is.
4. All else default.

SSR finds the pattern in my code:

if foo == bar then console.log "foo is bar!"

I hit Alt-Enter and choose Replace with "is".

Expected : Text replaced with if foo is bar
Actual: Text does not change.

Is SSR REALLY supposed to work with Coffeescript?  SSR for Coffeescript feels really unsolid. Here are some other patterns that are not working:

Ternary to coffeescript if/then/else
$boolean$ ? $result1$ : $result2$  replaced with if $boolean$ then $result1$ else $result2$

Here's the source I'm testing with:  console.log (zit > zot ? "OK" : "NOT OK")

This kind of works but $boolean$ only matches on "zot" and not on the whole boolean expression (zit > zot)  I've tried various regex definitions but SSR always wants to treat $boolean$ as just zot.  On a side note:  Ternary expressions aren't allowed in Coffeescript but the Coffeescript compiler doesn't treat them as errors, so Intellij is in good company :).

Not Equals to literal not
!= to is not

Works just like ==,  Nothing happens.

Would love to put this through it's paces but need to get verification that this is working as it should.  I'm also willing to beta test any fixes.

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We haven't done any work at all to support SSR for CoffeeScript. Whatever works right now is mostly by accident. :)
You're welcome to file a feature request at


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