groovy stub errors when in src/main/java

I have a project that has both groovy and java files in src/main/java (it is a maven project) and intellij  cannot seem to compile this project. It gives errors when the java files are referencing the groovy files. I have tried the -Duse.groovyc.stub.generator=false with no luck. I am using the community edition 11.1 on Windows 7. Any help would be apprecated.


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What kind of errors do you see? Could you please post some code or screenshots, preferable in a new issue in ?

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I think I narrowed down the problem (and can open an issue if it really is an issue). Here's the problem.

I have a Java interface that has varargs, something like

public interface MyInterface {
    void add(String... values);

Then in my groovy class the interface is implemented using an array:

class MyGroovyClass implements MyInterface {

    void add(String[] values);

And then it is called from a java class such as:


This compiles outside of Intellij, but not inside.

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Yes, it's definitely a bug. Could you file it please?


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