How do I tell intellij to only make a module contained in one project?

I have a project with 4 modules. When I right click on a module say A on 'make module A' Intellij keeps complaining about the other modules.
I'm expecting the function to just do that: making module A and that's it.
Am I missing something on this function?
Of course I could just remove all modules but A and put them back to my project but we all understand how painful this becomes then.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't understand why this function works like this.

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The "Make" function compiles the module and its dependencies. If the module does not actually depend on the other modules, you can remove the dependencies in the Project Structure dialog. If the module does depend on them, then having then compiled is kinda important to get meaningful compilation results for the module you're trying to make.

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Thx for the quick answer.
Module A was not dependent on B, C and D that's why I was not understanding why it wanted to make B, C and D as well.

I found out that module B was not correctly defined from the project structure dialog because an Android version did not exist for module B.
Still I find this odd that to make A with no dependencies on B, C and D, IA complains about B not been well defined and forced me to fix B.
All is back to normal.
Best for the rest,


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