VSS hangs Intellij when not network connected

Demetra #5383

I use Intellij on my sometimes network connected laptop. I don't install the VSS client on my laptop, I use it from the network location.

The way it used to work is that the only time it would have a problem was if I was stupid enough to try and check-in or out something while not connected to the network (and consequently the VSS). That's fairly understandable.

Now, as soon as I load up the project Intellij tries to access the VSS client (SS.EXE). If I'm not network connected it comes up with a dialog that says the path does not exist. The only option on that dialog is to hit ok. When you do Intellij just hangs. Not exactly helpful.

Is there any chance it can be made to work the way it used to? Or at least not hang after I hit ok on that dialog.


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Related to this issue, i have troubles with connections on PC with two network adapters. When i'm switch one of them to unplugged/off state, IDEA stop commit with 'Connection timeout' error. I have local svnservice, and connect from IDEA directly to it.


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