Idea does not show my source code

After using ideajad, I cannot reach java files by using inteelij idea. Source files can be seen at the left pane, if scope is selected as "All". But when i change the scope to "package" or "project" the only thing i can see is the package structure.

I searched everywhere i know, "File Type", "folder eclusion/inclusion" etc. But I cannot find what hinders me to see the source code.

After adding a source file to existing package also becomes invisible.
I try to remoteSynchronizer, It finds the java files but says that they are excluded and due to that they are ignored.

Could you please help on this issue?

Thanks for in advance,
Aydin Ozgur..

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Idea has been eating my source code.

After previous post, I changed folder structure and worked for a little time.

After this experiment I never use jad or anything.

But someday, today, I add some libraries to module then source code lost.

Is there anyone to help me on this issue, or eating source code in IDEA 11 is just an expected case?

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Please provide a sample project that illustrates the problem.



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