Is there any way to reset saved Mercurial password?

Some project has been checked out from Mercurial repository and loaded into IDEA. Occasionally, project password was reset using repository web interface, outside of IDEA session. After that, IDEA has lost ability to update the project, reporting (censored): "Authorization required: http authorization required for https://*******/****** (show balloon)". TortoiseHG is installed as local support either. The problem is repeatable, from one IDEA session to another next.

Is there any natural way to reset locally saved Mercurial password, as we can do so for SVN plugin?


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This is a known inconvenience. I'd recommend voting for:

  • IDEA-71317 Mercurial authorization failure should display Username/Password prompt
  • IDEA-69177 Mercurial: if invalid username/password is provided in .hg/hgrc file, give user possibility to login from IDEA

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