Sql completion in string literals

I have successfully created a datasource for my project, and completion (keywords, table names, column names etc) works well for database console. But I get no schema-related completion in my Spring JdbcOperations arguments. It still completes keywords (select, insert etc) and highlights it as sql, but no completion for table names, or column names. I have PostgreSQL dialect selected in datasource settings and "keywords only" in Settings -> SQL Dialects. Looks like that choosing Settings -> SQL Dialects -> PostgreSQL would fix the problem, but when I do that I lose keywords completion as well, i.e. I get no completion at all. And database  console completions still work fine, table names etc are available.

IDEA 11.1.1, PostgreSQL 8.1 with postgresql-9.1-901.jdbc4.jar driver.

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We've found a bug related to keyword completion in string literals with escape sequences.
If this is not the case please provide a code snippet to reproduce the problem.

I cannot reproduce this completion failure with the following code:

    void func(JdbcOperations operations, ResultSetExtractor<Object> extractor) {
        operations.query("select * from mytable", extractor);

both keyword and reference completions work fine for PostgreSQL as well as for all other dialects.

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You mean I can get latest EAP and check if it is fixed?

EDIT: looks like, I can not, as there were no builds since 117.117 (aka 11.1.1) yet


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