Using maven assembly in Intellij?

I'm having a problem with Maven/Intellij integration.  It is a bit of an edge case, and there is probably a way to fix it, I just can't figure it out.

1)  I'm building a product that has an plugin model.  Plugins are defined in jars, and those jars need to include all their dependencies.
2)  We have default plugins.  I have a maven module that builds these, and use the maven-assembly-plugin to create a jar with all the dependencies in it.  In addition, I set appendAssemblyId=false, so the resultant jar has the same name.
3)  We build a War for our product that includes the default plugin jar.  If the default plugins aren't installed, we use thei jar to bootstrap the installation.

When I do this in Maven, the jar that is in the war contains all the dependencies.  I believe this is because the package phase of maven gets called before install, so the assembly plugin has been called.

When I do this in Intellij, the jar in the war does not contain the dependencies.  I believe this is because it only runsh through the test-compile phase?  so the assembly plugin has not been called?

Is there a way for me to tell Intellij to always run my default plug-in through the package phase, and use that? or is there a better way to solve this in Intellij?

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Will, please create a feature request, we'll see what we can do.


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