rafactoring/intention to convert groovy <-> java

Although there are a ton of groovy intentions that can be used to convert java syntax into idiomatic groovy, there doesn't appear to be a feature to convert a java source file into an idiomatic groovy source file.

Can anyone confirm if that facility exists in intellij idea 11?

i ran across an old issue which seems to suggest that this feature doesnt exist:  http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-50321

A random interview on dzone (http://groovy.dzone.com/news/dzone-interviews-peter-gromov) mentions that "In IDEA 11, IDEA will be able to convert Groovy code into Java automatically".  I haven't seen that either.


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Unfortunately, none of the these conversions is available in IDEA 11.1. Groovy->Java conversion didn't make it into this release, sorry. Feel free to vote for the issue or file a new one.


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