Subversion Browser in 5368

The one nice thing about it is that the window is no longer modal.
However here are some issue I noticed:
- I liked the old GUI much better, where the search criteria was integrated into the changes window. I often want to browse changes each of the five people in out team. With the new GUI I am forced to close the window and open it again using the cascaded main menu.
- The "Searching for changes" dialog hangs at "Establishing connection to ..." for a couple of minutes. My project is not that big and even if it were the text should change to something like "Reading changes for /resources" ->]]> "src" etc.
- The search process itself should also not block idea.
- When selecting different rows in the "Changes" list, Idea quite often hangs for about a minute with full CPU (50% on my dual core machine - so at least I can have a quick look at slashdot in the mean time :).

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