Android Application Signing In Key Generation


I am trying to signin the application. For that i am trying to generate a private key using Tools -> Android -> Export Signed Android package option. Then a window pops up asking to choose a existing key store or create a new one. I choose create a new one and give location pointing to a empty .txt file and password and cnfrm pwd. Then it takes me to give the alias details and so on. I fill them in and click next then i get one of the following errors:

1) Keystore file exists, but is empty:Location of the empty file or

2) Command option -storepass needs an argument.Try keytool -help
If i enter something into file i get the following error

The values i enter in the Alias page are shown below everything is same except the name and organisation details


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Got the Answer I was creating a text file and pointing to it instead of just giving a name to the file.

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I've fixed this and in IDEA 11.1.2 we will replace existing file with a new keystore file. Please, specify path to nonexistent file when you create a new keystore for the present.


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