Adding IcedCoffeeScript highlighting to IDEA

I want to add syntax highlighting for IceCoffeeScript to my already CoffeeScript-highlighted files...

The thing is, I had to add the .iced extension to the CoffeeScript file type to get Coffeescript highlighting, so I can't add a new File type for it... Is there a way to add support for that in another way?

IceCoffeeScript basically just adds the new keywords "await" and "defer," so it seems like it should be fairly simple...

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IntelliJ IDEA's syntax highlighting has a complete parser and syntax tree for the language. Because of that, supporting a language extension is not a matter of "just" adding a couple of keywords; all the rest of the plugin functionality needs to be made aware of that. Because of that, it''s not possible for a user to extend the highlighting performed by a plugin.


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