idea 11.1: Find in Path for text in .xml files fails

I just upgraded idea to 11.1 build: IU-117.105, March 28, 2012
I use the 64-bit version.
I tried searching for text "txnCommitEntityEventInterceptorList" in *.xml and also in all files in my project, and it does not find the file that contains the stringFind in path bug.png

An existing .xml file has the following contents but the search does not find anything.
    <util:list id="txnCommitEntityEventInterceptorList" value-type="com.navis.framework.persistence.ITxnCommitEntityEventInterceptor">
        <bean id="yardTxnInterceptor" />

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I noticed that I would have to click on "Custom" and select "Project and Libraries".
This was not the case in the earlier version.
Is this a bug or a new behavior?


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